Welcome to Mr. Solino's Page! I will be posting my classroom notes as well as Project Instruction Sheets here. In order to view the notes you must download the Smart NoteBook software for the SmartBoard we use in class. It is a free download. SmartBoard Website

I will also be posting links to dozens of websites which I have found to be both fun and educational.

New York State ELA Practice Tests
Past ELA Exams
2005 ELA Test
Edperformance Scantron Practice Material
Acuity Practice Material

Native American Project Instruction Sheet

New York City Travel Guide Instruction Sheet

Song Project Instruction Sheet

Super Species Instruction Sheet and Rubric

YEAR PROJECT Instruction Sheet

Autobiography Instruction Sheet

Language Arts/AIS Class Rules

Space Science Class Rules

Fun And Educational Websites
The Ad Council's Historic Public Service Announcements
Science Channel Homepage
Discovery Channel Homepage
History Channel Homepage

Links On The Sun
NASA'S Starchild Page On The Sun
Take A Trip To A Binary Star, Neutron Star And Inside A Black Hole
NASA'S Solar Wind Site
NASA'S Solar Data Analysis Center
YPOP Tour Of The Sun
YPOP Main Page On The Sun
NASA'S Solar System Exploration Page On The Sun
Explore All Of NASA's Missions To The Sun
Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
General Atomics Website

Going Green
Free Federal Resources On Climate Change
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Climate Change Site
The Kids Page of The Environmental Protection Agency
The U.S. Geological Survey Educational Page
Green Schools around the World

Planet Mercury Websites
A Day On Planet Mercury
Official MESSENGER Spacecraft Site
Scientific information about Mercury
Official NASA site for the Mariner 10 Mission
Mariner 10 Mission in Storybook Form

Planet Venus Websites
European Space Agency's Venus Express Mission
NASA Venus Page
Another NASA Venus Page
Scientific Information About Venus
Extremely Informative Site About Venus
Venus for Kids

Planet Mars Websites
New Drive The Mars Rovers
NASA Mars Exploration Funzone
NASA Official Mars Exploration Page
The Official Mars Rovers Site
Mars For Students Site
Lots of Information and Interactives. 3 Levels
space.com Mars Page. Tons of Information and Links
See practically anything in the Solar System
ALL INTERACTIVES Explore the Solar System

Planet Jupiter Websites
Space.com's Jupiter Page
Windows to the Universe Jupiter Page
Shoemaker Levy 9 Official Page See The Comet's Impacts!
Official NASA Jupiter Page

NASA Videos Page
NASA Page of Interactives Go and Explore!
Watch Movies of NASA's Achievements Over The Last 4 Years
Official Hubble Space Telescope Site

Planet Saturn Websites
Official Cassini Mission Site. Tons of Cool Stuff!
Nineplanets.org Site. Tons of links and information.
Official NASA Saturn Page
Fun page with 3 levels of information. UCAR
European Space Agency Cassini-Huygens Mission Page
E.S.A. Cassini-Huygens Mission Link 2

Planet Uranus Links
NASA World Book Page
Windows to the Universe Page
NASA Solar System Exploration Page
Enchanted Learning's Page
KidsAstronomy.com's Site

Planet Neptune Links
NASA Neptune Site
Nine Planets.org Page

Aerodynamics Links
Dozens Of Sites Explaining Aerodynamics For Kids
How Things Fly. From The National Aeronautics And Space Museum
Precision Aerodynamics Website
Want to Design Your Own Aircraft on a NASA Quest?

Pluto Links
Official New Horizons Website

Exploring The Universe
The NOVA Space Videos Page
Dozens of Interactive Links From Windows to the Universe
Official Arecibo Radio Telescope Site

Is There Alien Life Out There?
Dozens Of Sites About Extremophiles
Life Beyond Earth
NOVA Online Hunt For Alien Worlds
NOVA scienceNOW The Search For ET
NASA's Astro Venture Train and go on a mission!
Dozens of links on all kinds of Extremophiles
Have a question for an Astrobiologist? Ask a NASA scientist here!
The SETI Institute's Homepage
National Geographic's Alien Earths
PodCasts and book choices from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
NASA Astrobiology Institute Video Archives
SETI Institute PodCasts on Astrobiology
ExoPlanet Transit Simulator
Go on a Virtual Field Trip
Take a trip to the Bottom of the Ocean and see what's Living there!
Alien Earths Website

Rocket Links
Guided Tour
Launch a Rocket
Build an X-1 Glider

Instruction sheet for the Solar System Project

Instruction Sheet for the Scientist Biography


First Percent Lesson